BitLeu [BTL] – The New Eco & Renewable Energy Sustainable Crypto Currency

BTL Description
“The first step is to discover a community and build a currency around it rather than building a currency and expecting everyone to show up.” – Chris Ellis

BitLeu is an ASIC and MultiPool resistant coin that uses a unique combination of hashing and mixing functions known as Scrypt Jane.

BitLeu is not just an electronic currency; it is a new and sustainable concept that intends to bring the value of the money back in the pockets of our people, within the country and internationally. Thus, BitLeu is a new open source peer-to-peer crypto currency, owned by citizens and businesses of Romania and their friends worldwide.

The idea behind this concept will be enforced by a Foundation, which will have a named President and Members. The President and leading Members of the Foundation will be incorruptible people with ideals higher than gathering large amounts of money for their own benefits. These people are not affiliated in any way with the actual government and money-thirsty leaders. The chosen president will be a well-known and respected person with a high academic rank.

Everyone should be aware that the whole BitLeu concept is not designed with a mine-and-dump idea in mind. Low block rewards slowly increasing for the first year coupled with the increase of the N-factor will not allow huge farm owners to dump big amounts on exchanges, thus leaving the coin with a very little amount to trade.

We aim to make the BITLEU sustainable, with a strong technical structure and applicable financial strategies to ensure good return to users.

Slogans & Logo
EN translation and meaning of BitLeu: BitLion – The King of Eco Crypto-Currencies!
RO slogan and meaning: BitLeu – Regele Cripto-Monedelor Digitale Eco!