There will be a total of 5,000,000,000 coins (5 billions)
Premined: 2,500,000,000 (50 %)

After long debates with newly formed development team, we are restructuring the pre-mine section as described below.

The 50% Pre-mine will be split into separate accounts as follows:

The BitLeu Foundation

The 2% of total coins will go into the new created BitLeu Foundation’s fund, which will take care of the delivery and support the spread of coins to population and will have an open book for all the spending. Also, the fund will be used for organization’s operational costs used for development and maintenance of BTL. The Foundation can only pay its employees with BTL. It cannot sell them to pay its employees with other currencies.

48% pre-mine will be used to be distributed to Romanians through the Foundation, as follows: the Romanians above 18 years old, the Businesses, and the Development Team, as explained below.

The Romanians

The premined coins will be distributed to National citizens of Romania via their national ID number as proof of identity to receive coins, in the next years, making sure that the coin will have a wide spread. A database will be created for this purpose and the Foundation will play its role in making sure the spread is fair and there will be no people receiving the same amount of money twice. Each Romanian will receive 100 BitLeu coins. The first delivery will take place at the 1st December 2014, the National Day of Romania!

The Businesses

New and established Companies owned by Romanian entrepreneurs within the country and in partnership with foreign friends worldwide will claim be able to claim the premined coins. Only companies that present viable projects developed and powered by BTL will receive the funds, in BTL, of course. Each company will have to use owners IDs and a registration or tax code as a proof of receiving coins. For the first stage, the final date of presenting your BTL business plans on the crowdfunding platform online will be 16th June 2014. Accordingly to the spread of coins for business purpose, there will be more stages. This will be announced in detail on BitLeu crowdfunding platform.

The 1st Development Team

In order to increase the actual value of the BitLeu, an amount of premined coins will be allocated to the creator of the coin and to the primary development team, as follows:
- The development of the coin itself: rewards, marketing and advertisements, coding/applications, lawyer consultation for the next steps following the launch.
- The startup and development of the ecological and energy investment projects.
- Any other things pertaining to the development of BitLeu currency.
- Operational costs – this includes rewards and crowdfunding perks for community members who will help the BTL with equipment, servers, development and maintenance of BTL, the BTL Fund operations and so on.

The rewards and perks will be of minimum 1000BTL up to 500,000BTL depending on the contribution made to grow the coin by a person or a community.

In many people’s opinion, the value of a commodity/fiat is something just perceived and not necessarily real. What stands behind the value of it is an idea. The idea of a corrupt system cannot make a strong value for the currency issued by that organization/structure.

Many are afraid about pre-mine, but as anyone can see, BitLeu will have some advantages that not many of the new alt coins have, such as protection from ASICs, spread, a community and a real person as the leader of the Foundation who will guide its members to success.

The Association will have its own constitution and it will gather members in associations that will invest their crypto-currency in real-life investment projects, located in Romania and in foreign countries so any administration will not be able to perform bad actions against these ventures. The members of associations will be able to vote on decisions pertaining to each project.

The business projects developed through the legally registered company in the UK, BitEnergi Ltd., will be transparent to its investors and all the profits from these projects will be returned to the private or crowd investors, depending on the constitution of that business organization. Every member involved in a project will be able to actively participate with ideas and physical work in order to succeed with the project.

What makes our coin different from other crypto-currencies

- A sustainable currency through long-term real life business and investment projects developed until and after the first delivery.
- Strong protection from ASICs.
- A high value currency that can be used not only for trading, but also for profitable investments and for shopping online or off-line.
- The first crypto-currency in the world that offers a valuable and ingenuous non-volatile retirement system. Details here: